Cauld Cauldron - Plumbers & Pipes (Prod Jonah the Christian)

by Cauld Cauldron

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Super Mario parody


thats mare like it time tae get excited
i have tae take the drugs tae power up i canny fight it
i party every day and awe maw muckers are invited
if u didnae know ma name be noo well then yer fucking dited
caw me super mad mushie tacking mario
im intae pluming getting coin and jumping bout wae ma bro
keep yer scabby hoes honestly a show no interest
cus every night a go tae home and pump a proper princess

fuck u mario ive jist stole yer wumin
n the night its only me shell be pumping

aww comon fuck awe no this bowser cunt again
last time i thought id well killed him and awe his weans
i the same this cunt causing me hassle
kidnap's ma bird n then he hides her in a castle
so its time caw troops again and go and kick sum doors in
when a catch this fat cunt im gonnae fuckin floor him
torture him for days gonnae put him through some hurting
when hes deed ill take heed cause the lava iznae working

mario ya dick fuck u and awe yer crew
yer birds sliding up n doon my flag pole the noo
n she's loving it bitch canny get enough of it
i know ye like yer secrets did u know she likes it ruff as shit
pussy a sweet as peaches and cream
yer in the right castle when yer hearing her scream
tae satisfy her now your no in wae a shout
im a send that slut hame like a burst couch

mother fucking cunt am gonnae murder um
kill him and his weans i mean every last 1 of them
this time the cunts went and tane it well to far
i got twenty fire balls here for his ready fir arse
shout ma bro luigi yo its time tae go and get him
and i know this mutha fuka canny mess wae ma new weapons
time tae test them talking power plants and super suits
boomerangs and blue shells taking awe these koopas oot
world 1-1 the journey begins
and wae infinite continues yo you know am gonnae win
a fight my way through deserts and glaziers of ice
and spending every coin i earn on getting extra lifes
sa bowser ya cunt tell me how could yo ignore
the shits gonnae end the way it always has before
fir fucking wae ma bird am gonnae kill ye slowly
bit first ma pet yoshie's here tae bite aff yer bobbie

awww no no mariooooo !!


released April 3, 2016
Jonah the Christian, Baltik, Sneaky Creeky



all rights reserved


Cauld Cauldron Ayr, UK

The Cauld Cauldron are a Hip Hop group hailing from Scotland, Ayr. Featuring Baltik and Export on the mic, with Sneeky Creeky on beats and production. Transcending genres and always evolving. Since our debut album " I'ts No Secret if Three Know it " released on September 3, 2014. we have been building a varied library of original music with a further 2 Albums and 3 EPs available to date. ... more

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