Pernickity (Say No To Dub Step)

by Cauld Cauldron

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Killer funk hop choptastic beat, combined with cutthroat double bladed boomerang bars.


Here's the first 8 bars written in Scottish slang

It’s the cauld Cauldron Passion shit that we hitting wae
Awe yer pussy fancy wishy washy pish is nae gid tae me
Dizznae matter whit ye dae yer never gonnae get rid a me
Maist these cunts are vaugue as fuck im describing it vividly
Too pernickety witness the death of chivalry
Im Running oot of time for any cunts with low ability
cus Since an infant m8 livin ma life in infamy
Its like the big yin and his neighbour bathe got it in fur me


released January 1, 2013
Lyrics Baltik And Export
Production by Sneakycreeky



all rights reserved


Cauld Cauldron Ayr, UK

The Cauld Cauldron are a Hip Hop group hailing from Scotland, Ayr. Featuring Baltik and Export on the mic, with Sneeky Creeky on beats and production. Transcending genres and always evolving. Since our debut album " I'ts No Secret if Three Know it " released on September 3, 2014. we have been building a varied library of original music with a further 2 Albums and 3 EPs available to date. ... more

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